Do the 13 DIY drivers work in Windows 10

If i need to stay in Windows 10 (not Windows 11) will the drivers install ok?

[Framework Laptop BIOS and Driver Releases (13th Gen Intel® Core™)](https://link to drivers)

They might, but they aren’t tested for it and you will very likely run into issues. Windows 11 is the only supported version for 13th gen.

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do they sell any laptops that support windows 10?

Depending on your location, you might be able to find old stock of the Framework Laptop (11th generation Intel Core). Due to the limited remaining stock of these machines, you may not be able to get the keyboard you’re looking for.


If you can’t find a new 11th gen board, there is also the chance you could find a used one. Especially with the new AMD boards coming out, I’m sure there might be a lot of old 11th gens up for sale soon.


can you think of a most probable scenario?

like is the worst thing that could happen being: the microphone doesn’t work or something?

When 12th gen launched, WiFi did not work on Windows 10. I’ve also seen reports of the trackpad not working properly and thunderbolt drivers not working iirc.

Windows 10 does not support the heterogenous core architecture present on the 12th and 13th generation Intel Core processors. You are giving up workload-aware task scheduling, which will have deleterious effects on your performance and power efficiency. As an example, Windows may schedule important tasks on the efficiency cores (making them slower) or unimportant tasks on the performance cores (making them waste power).


How about the AMD, does it work with Windows 10?

Framework has not announced this yet, and likely won’t until the mainboards start shipping. Unfortunately (as a Win10 user who got the Ryzen upgrade) I worry that the situation may be similar to the intel boards, where Framework only releases Win11 Driver bundles for Ryzen, although it may be more compatible with Win10 due to the fact that the Ryzen processors don’t have a different type of architecture (big/little core)

F13 1360P owner here, can confirm Windows 10 works with the driver package Framework ships.