Can I wait long enough for a Framework laptop!?

Hi all,

It’s so fantastic to see what Framework are doing - from the moment I saw it on Linus Tech Tips I was very interested in a Framework laptop. Problem is I’m from the UK, so I’m gonna have to wait.

That isn’t a problem, but what is a problem is my Surface Pro 4 gets a little bit more infuriatingly close to dead with every passing day. There are two things I really would like to have out of a new laptop- LTE built in and a touchscreen. Both are things that, once you have them, you can’t live without!

My plan before Framework was to go iPad Pro - and tbh I’m still tempted. But simply for what they believe in I’d really like to go Framework as soon as I actually can - but are there any practical plans to build out the laptop spec to include touchscreens and more advanced options like LTE antennae in the shell and other options, or are these realistically just pipe dreams?


I’m in the same boat, waiting for it to be available in UK.

I think framework will leave creating LTE expansion card to a third party, but people on the forum have been trying to come up with an idea how to do it already. So there may be one in the future, or there may be not.

As for the touchscreen, they plan on releasing one, but they don’t know yet when.

So if both these features are very important to you, I would just recommend to go with something else, like the iPad you said. Then maybe in a year or two, if they become available, you could just sell your iPad and upgrade to framework. Especially if your surface dies before framework is even available in UK yet.

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That’s interesting. I had been wondering about the feasibility of a touchscreen so I will be waiting to see when that comes along. It’s really the one big omission for me at the moment.


Yes, the touchscreen is more important than the LTE for me - but I am getting really fed up of the poor quality of MiFi devices and using a phone isn’t a particularly good solution!

It’s good to hear that one is coming. I can’t stand the hassle of selling things - more of a use it till it’s dead kinda guy - so I’m inclined to keep waiting and see what Framework offer. At least if I buy a Framework laptop I should be able to upgrade it to a touchscreen when one is available!

The other option of course is to buy the mainboard and other internal bits and make myself a nice little super low power, easily upgradeable machine to use as a Remote Desktop host to connect to from an iPad. Perhaps build it into a desk drawer… Now there’s an interesting idea :thinking:

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And if you go with anything else, you can come back to Framework later because your device is doomed to die at some point. :joy:

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Yes, true I suppose - but I generally find Apple products are very, very good at lasting! I still have no plans to replace my iPhone X that’s now over four years old. Replaced once under Apple Care after it was destroyed in a bicycle crash :frowning: but even a Framework laptop wouldn’t have survived that! It otherwise still pretty much works just as well as day 1, save a few small slowdowns in some things.

I’d rather support Framework now so they have a slightly better chance of still being here in 4/5/6 years time :slight_smile:

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