Can reduce brightness button turn off screen at lowest level?

Is there any way for the button that reduces brightness to also turn off the screen after the lowest level? I used to have a MacBook and I used that feature a lot, and it seems to be missing from other laptops. Just to be clear, I’m wondering if there is way to turn off the screen while keeping the computer fully on.
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Why you want to turn the screen off is a use case issue as there are ways of turning the screen off without the using the brightness key.

Tell Windows to Hibernate or Suspend would be what I suggest. It would only take a second for Windows to resume since RAM and SSDs are so fast these days. You can adjust what buttons do what in Windows.

I’m thinking the idea is to have the laptop operational without screen, waiting to hear back ?

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If you are using Linux, it is possible to do it.

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For Linux I’m aware of the following options:

  • You can try screen lock. In Gnome for example the screen is switched off a few seconds after the screen was locked.

  • You can use the files in
    To switch of the screen do
    sudo echo 0 > /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness

    For convenience you can write this into a script and bind it to key.
    See Backlight - ArchWiki for how to enable ordinary users to access the files in the intel_backlight directory without permission problems.

  • Install brightnessctl and do
    brightnessctl set 0
    Or you can use decrements until the screen is off like:
    brightnessctl set 10%-
    Again for a convenient shortcut you can put this command into a script and bind to a key.

EDIT: Because of the comment in the next post her comes a WARNING:
Be prepared to sit before a dark screen when you want to reverse the effect of what I have suggested. First make sure that you have a working brightness-up-key or attach an external monitor or anything else…

Hm. I bet we want something where there is a timer that switches it back before we try this. Anyone for setting your brightness to 0 and then … how to you type something in to change it to whatever? :–)

Key press OFF Key press ON

xrandr --output eDP-1 --brightness 0
I mapped that (minus the ‘0’) to an alias, so I can turn brightness down to 2% at night. 5% just ain’t cutting it. Since the screen is the biggest battery drain, it also brings my