Can the battery charge limit be set from Linux?

Is it possible to set the charge limit to another value without having to reboot the system and enter the BIOS? I have it at 80% by default, but sometimes I want to set it to 100% while working on the laptop before I take a train/plane/automobile.
I’m running Fedora 36 and I’m hoping there’s a command I can run to set the charge limit.


I haven’t used it myself, but there’s an ectool you can use to set values without needing to reboot. This includes commands to query/clear/set the charge limit.

e.g. ./ectool fwchargelimit 80


Could you elaborate on how to install this tool? I can’t find how to install it…

You’ll find it in Exploring the Embedded Controller - #92 by prepaidpyramid

Works easily and nicely.