Can the motherboard run without display? Battery?

@CJ_Elevated, So was I. I am also planning to use the mainboard to run a drone at some point (cuz it has an AV1 encoder).

So they mess this one thing up and the obvious thing to do would be to… advocate for a company that is consistently anti consumer and anti right to repair at its very core? Sounds rational.


@Paulie420 I don’t understand. Is this a troll? You use /s implying your being sarcastic.
@Stuart_Wood is very correct.


If it is sarcasm then it’s some sort of advanced sarcasm I’ve never encountered before, and I’m a Brit.


It’ll need a battery for portability in that case then? Well you’re in luck my friend :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

(Sigh we totally hijacked this guys thread)

@Stuart_Wood, well yes but since the battery discharging is another source of heat and the intended platform is going to be water-cooled, I wasn’t planning on using the framework battery while in that form factor.


mistakes can happen, and i can’t really say they’re anti consumer just for this, but i’m expecting an explanation for why this happened and why they didn’t talk about it sooner.

maybe they thought it was working, and maybe it did work at one time pre-shipping, but then someone might have intentionally / unintentionally changed some part of the code, messing it up, and they only just now realized it stopped working


I don’t know how you are missing it, but it DOES work right now without a battery. You need a 100W power adapter and have no way to power cycle outside of enabling a bios feature, wake on power.

That said, pump your entitlement brakes just a bit. Why would a company as small as Framework still trying to meet demand for the laptop, focus on mainboard applications, when there still aren’t enough framework laptops out there to even really start thinking about custom uses?

Why when power drain in standby or audio issues are prevalent would they be focusing on improving a feature that a very small part of their customer base is even concerned about?

Perhaps many of you take for granted the complexities of a computer these days. Even the largest company have hardware issues and especially software issues.

If your idea of a company that supports right to repair and designs a laptop that lasts can be thwarted because the company is not perfect, then you need to be prepared to be disappointed. There will NEVER be such a company. If Microsoft, Apple, Dell, HP, etc. all can’t manage to make perfect products, no one can.

But seriously folks, look at the bigger picture. Nirav invested his OWN money to start this company. The computer industry is brutal and cut throat. There are many companies very much hoping that Framework fails.

Do as you wish, but my humble suggestion is that you just breath and take a chill pill.

I’m happily waiting for my second to ship in November.


Promises and communication aside, my biggest gripe with the video is that the whole board was being dismissed as e-waste, because of a simple and easily fixable limitation on a launch model. If you’re of the mindset that that board is e-waste because it can’t do the exact thing you want it to do right out of the box, then you’re a part of the e-waste problem. I appreciate knowing that the issue exists, and I’m glad that it’s under scrutiny. As a potential buyer I like to know these things and impartial review is important. It’s just that the whole e-waste angle really rubbed me the wrong way.


I tested with a 100W power supply (20V @5A) and it didn’t work. Also there is a surface mounted power switch on the mainboard but I also tried power on AC connect. And I expected it to work because they said it did. Simple as that.


Cuz it’s not a small part of their customer base. I think that more than 50% of the people who purchased a framework laptop did so based on that one key feature. But, they said it’s supposed to work, so I’m just gonna wait. I still have over 6 months before I really intend to use it outside of the case.

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Ok, that makes sense.

I trust they will remedy the situation, but I can understand your disappointment.

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I think you are WAY off there. Perhaps more if we are talking about customers who are thinking that they might eventually use the mainboard in that way. IE: if it isn’t ready right this second, it’ll be fine, because we’ll eventually get it.


I doubt that. Most people bought the laptop to use as a laptop.

So what percentage of people paid between $749 and $2,000 on a Framework laptop intending to remove the motherboard to use independently and dispose of (e-waste) or recycle the rest of the laptop? Anyone? Makes it a rather expensive motherboard.

OK, some people will want to buy just the motherboard to use for other purposes. Fine. Is the motherboard available to buy yet? No. There are other priorities like just fulfilling all the orders for the laptop.

Will the firmware update have been provided by the time the motherboard is available on the marketplace or people want to upgrade the laptop to a new motherboard and reuse the old one? I expect so.

I think some people are just getting their knickers in a twist. (I’m also a Brit and we do have some nice expressions.)


@CJ_Elevated I have also just seen that Framework commented on your video (which I hadn’t seen before my last post) that the updated firmware is already in beta testing. I do appreciate, though, that you pinned their comment. (Does @Paulie420 think Apple would have responded to a Youtube video?)

Yes, Framework could have made clear there was a delay in implementation but let us cut them some slack (I also do American expressions) for what they have achieved.


That video is so typical of folks trying to make it on Youtube right now. I honestly thought @CJ_Elevated was above that kind of clickbait nonsense. Don’t you think it would have been better to wait until Framework was able to address the issue more fully?

Are you seriously telling me you dumped +$1000 on your framework because your biting at the heels to use the mainboard elsewhere? Is ANYONE doing that right now?

Why did this have to be the one thing that Framework did justifying this video?

Framework deserves better than this, and so do we.


Framework does not “deserve” anything. Companies are not your friends, stop trying to treat them that way.

They are marketing a product and are obligated to market it accurately.


THIS. @CJ_Elevated, I get the disappointment. But I also think this is somewhat disingenuous, since most people who are buying a laptop want to use it as a laptop. I presume that includes you (at least, until you want to splurge on an upgraded mainboard some time in the future). I certainly know that includes me.

Is this disappointing? Sure. Does it merit a forum post? Yeah, definitely, and I’m glad this issue was brought to light. But to act like the sky fell when this is one possible use for the motherboard (again, for most people, after they upgrade to an as-yet-unreleased improved motherboard) is absurd.

The Framework isn’t “e-waste” because one piece of functionality (mainly intended to prolong use of obsoleted motherboards) doesn’t work right now. That video is utterly irresponsible.


I’d just like to say to that one or two bios programmers at framework who may be getting disheartened by some of these comments:

Don’t be disheartened! keep at it! We’re rooting for ya! :grinning:


I have to agree with @2disbetter and I purchased my Framework as I needed a new laptop. I think that most people are purchasing to support the right to repair as the main selling point. The main selling point for me was repairability, coming from a Surface Pro 4 that is the definition of e-waste. I’m willing to give Framework time to work on the other issues with the Firmware (power drain) before addressing the issue. IMHO I think that the motherboard working outside of the chaise is nice to have for most and not a need to have at this point. As far as timing, I think they will need to have this feature ready when they start selling upgraded motherboards with AMD or 12th gen intel.