Can you get a video signal through UCB C? Or is hdmi necessary?

That’s my question, I need a video output to connect it to the main screen when I’m at home.

Is it necessary to buy the hdmi port? Or is two USB C ports (one to charge the battery and the other to connect to the screen) enough?

USB-C will output a DisplayPort signal. So with the correct cable you can go USB-C to DP or HDMI.

Note that only the rear-right, rear-left and centre-right expansion slots will support video output. This is regardless of whether you use USB-C or a dedicated display expansion card.

If you purchase the graphics module, that comes with its own display-capable USB-C port, seperate from the expansion cards.


Does the amd dedicated gpu come with a usb c port for video output?

So would another USB C port be enough for me to charge the laptop and I wouldn’t need the HDMI port or another USB C port? (since I would buy the dedicated GPU and another USB C port, one for charging and another for video output to the monitor)

Yes. There is a USB-C port on the back of the dedicated GPU module, which is for video output. But only video output, it’s not a full-featured port meant for other purposes. If I recall, you can’t charge the laptop using the that GPU port.

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Yes. In fact it is recommended.

The ports on the laptop always connect to the iGPU (the GPU integrated into the CPU). When using the dedicated GPU and using a port on the laptop the dedicated GPU does most of the GPU work, however it hands off the the iGPU for the outputting through the port.

That handing off introduces a several percent performance penalty, which can be avoided if you use the USB-C port on the dedicated GPU.

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