Can you send the framework notebook to Mainland China

In China, there are very rich and developed manufacturing factories, Toshiba, Sandi, Western Digital, Dell, Lenovo and other first-tier factories have set up factories in China

China also has an abundant supply of raw materials, such as the Linus video of Huaqiangbei in Shenzhen, China’s most powerful electronics street, where you can buy all kinds of electronics you want, and cheap industrial products that can make a 4060 gaming laptop cost 6,000 yuan (about $870).

China’s population is also very large. According to the seventh population census of China in 2020, the population of the Chinese mainland is 1.41 billion, that of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is 7.47 million, that of the Macao Special Administrative Region is 680,000, and that of the Taiwan Region is 23.56 million

At the same time, I would like to point out a mistake. When placing an order on the official website, the name of Taiwan is “Republic of China”, which violates the “one China” principle. It is suggested to change the name to “Chinese Taipei”.

Finally, I would like to thank Framework for adopting this issue. Thank you very much and wish Framework to become bigger and stronger
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PRC Peoples Republic of China
RoC Republic of China

The one China policy doesn’t suit everyone and clearly not Taiwan. Taiwan sell their products with the RoC abbreviation so it would be inconsistent and insulting to call them Chinese Taipei

Regarding sale to China (PRC) Framework are no doubt considering expanding and which areas to encompass next, so currently ~ no Framework cannot send a laptop to China.

For more info on the Republic of China before and after the creation of the PRC see