Can't Connect to my Monitor


I am unable to connect to my monitor using the USB4 slot on my FW16. I was able to connect to my monitor using the USB4 slot yesterday but for some reason it isn’t working now. I haven’t changed any sort of settings since I last connected the monitor to the USB4 slot.

I know that the monitor is working because I can connect to the monitor using the GPU module USB on the back of the laptop.

I’ve tried both HDMI and DP but they won’t connect using the USB4 slot but they connect just fine on the GPU module USB.


What port are you trying to use and have you used other ports or just the one?

I’ve tried both, top-right and top-left, USB4 slots and one of the USB3 slot. USB4 slots used to work but now they don’t for some reason.

All of the slots are working for my mouse, keyboard and charging. It’s just the display port and HDMI not working for USB4 anymore.

Hmm… Well from your first post it seems like the expansion cards are functioning correctly, right? They work when they’re plugged into the dGPU? I’m assuming you’ve already installed the FW drivers (although I doubt that’s the real issue here). What OS are you using? I’m hoping this is a software issue that can be easily fixed and not an issue with some part of the mainboard/CPU…

I’m using windows.

But umm… The USB4 is working now. I am genuinely unsure why it’s working now and it didn’t yesterday. I haven’t messed around with any settings since then. Yesterday, I had also tried restarting my laptop and it didn’t work so it doesn’t seem like shutting it down for the night fixed this problem. But for some reason it is fixed.