Can't get wifi to work on Ubuntu

Hello. I recently got Manjaro working on my DIY framework laptop. The Wifi was working fine. I decided that I wanted to switch to Ubuntu. But, I could not get the wifi working. I am using ubuntu 20.04.3 with kernel version 5.11. Whenever I try to connect to the wifi it says that there is no wifi device. I followed the steps outlined here but nothing changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there a reason why you use such an old version of Ubuntu? The Framework hardware kinda needs up-to-date kernels. I’d use 21.10 and update to 22.04 when it’s released in a few months.

I will try to use 21.10 and let you know.

Here’s the official guide for Ubuntu which uses 21.04.

Here is also an excellent script that will setup Ubuntu 20.04 to work with the wireless card and a few other things like the fingerprint scanner.

If you want to use LTS this is the way to go.