Ubuntu 21.04 on the Framework Laptop

Ubuntu 21.04 support for the Framework Laptop is mostly functional, except for the fingerprint reader due to an older version of libfprint.

  1. Download Ubuntu or your favorite Ubuntu flavor.
  2. Create a bootable USB drive on another computer.
    a. On Ubuntu
    b. On Windows
    c. On macOS
  3. Plug the drive into your Framework Laptop, and power it on while pressing F12 to access the one time boot menu. Note some users have an issue where they cannot enter the 1 time boot menu after previously booting the machine. The fix is to power off the laptop, unplug AC, wait 35 seconds, and then power on again. We’ll be resolving this in a firmware update.
  4. Select your USB drive from the list with the arrow keys and hit enter to boot the installer.
  5. You can then follow the official Ubuntu installation instructions.
  6. Don’t forget to thank the Ubuntu team for their amazing work!

Usage notes: