Can't install Windows 11 on 13 gen

Hi, I have a 13th gen laptop. I’ve recently tried installing Ubuntu on the laptop, although I want to use windows 11 instead. I made an official install medium, and tried installing windows before I installed Ubuntu, and it didn’t work. I get the same error now that I’ve installed Ubuntu, which is strange that I could install Ubuntu but not Windows 11. The install medium claims I am missing a media driver although no such pre-install drivers exist (the framework drivers are for AFTER downloading Windows 11, if I understand correctly).

Please let me know if there is anything I might be doing wrong.

Here’s a thread of other people who have had and successfully solved the issue. Seems to be related to how the install media was created. [Solved] Windows install - blocked at "A media driver your computer needs is missing." - #6 by Dylan_McNamee

Hi, thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I have followed the instructions from that post before I posted here. I created my install medium using the official media preparation tool on Windows 11, but it is still giving me the error. Sorry for previous confusion

You might try creating a fresh installer on a different USB stick and see if that works.

What OS are you using to create your Win11 install? I found that I received the same frustrating error message repeatedly until I had my son create the install USB from his Win11 machine. Only doing that solved the issue for me.

Edit: Adding link to my thread