CDROM player?

I have written this carefully, but have never been a tech employee.
I’m looking for any comments on the following.

On this Framework pc, i want to install Quicken 2015, for which i have the cdrom.

I’m considering buying an external drive of cdroms, which would attach into this pc’s USB ports, probably USB-A type. I would probably use the drive only once, for Quicken.

Quicken 2015 does work on Windows 10, which is on this pc, but i probably won’t be able to find online updates to Quicken. That won’t matter, i’m hoping, because my uses of Quicken are basic.

Thank you.


I believe no cdrom external drive is sold by Framework, so i guess i would have to look on amazon website or wherever.

I dislike the Quicken company, and so don’t want to buy from them. And all they offer now is subscriptions per year.

you might be able to copy the contents of the cdrom onto a usb stick and install from that.

I have this one which works pretty well (also supports writing CDs or DVDs, which might be useful once in a blue moon). You could alternatively get this one if you want Blu-Ray capabilities as well.

I usually copy the contents of the CD to an .iso file - there are free utilities that will do that - if you are running any of the popular linux distros it is usually built in. For all I know it may be possible in Windows 10/11 without installing anything. Copy the .iso file to a usb stick and mount the .iso from the OS you are using - again if that capability is not built in there are utilities that will do it for you. Once it is mounted it will show up in your file manager and it will be as if you had a CD drive attached to your computer.

NoraaC: Thank you so much. Following your suggested steps, i was able to install my licensed Quicken on this Framework pc. (But the whole project fails, in that i was not able to open my Quicken data file, as described further below.)

Peter S. Thank you very much. You had the start of the same idea. But it did not work until i added NoraaC’s further steps.

Chiraag N: Thank you for the product info you posted.

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The outcome of this discussion was mostly a failure: I cannot open my own pre-existing Quicken file on this Framework pc. Message: ‘Intuit Quicken Sign-in with your Intuit ID [and] Password’. That’s a reference to web-account data. I tried the correct data for my web-account. The message is ‘An unknown error occurred. Please try to connect later.’ I was indeed connected to internet. I restarted pc. The problem is very probably that Intuit is no longer associated with Quicken. I even tried that message-screen’s ‘Forgot your password?’ option, but that only takes me to: ‘ … This site can’t be reached’, which again makes sense because Intuit is no longer associated with Quicken. I even changed my Quicken web-account’s ID and password various times to try to match what the software wanted. But no success.

So i can’t open my Quicken data file, on my licensed Quicken software. That low quality is something i dislike about Quicken: they made simply opening the file contingent on the logically-unrelated task of connecting to a website (for securities prices or whatever) that i have never used and never would use, and that has now been abandoned by the company.

One upside of all this is that at least i won’t waste time and money buying an external drive for cdroms for this Framework pc, using it once, and ultimately sending it to a landfill someday.
My amateur reasoning is that even if i get such a drive, and insert the cdrom, and fully install the software yet again to this Framework pc, then the software will still make opening the file contingent on the logically-unrelated task of trying to connect to that website.


This is exactly why I’ve given up using software and just do it manually (by filling out the PDFs). I file federal returns electronically (using freefile), but I file state returns through the mail. Initially, this was because my tax situation was very annoying (most software could not easily handle dealing with paying non-resident returns in a state and getting that deduction in the resident state return), but now I’m just glad I don’t need to worry about stupid stuff like this.

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