Change Fan Curves to Prevent Throttling (1185G7)

My DIY edition with the 1185G7 is throttling to 0.37 GHz when at high load for some time (for instance, when working with lots of synths in a DAW) and it causes huge stutters. The fans aren’t ramping very high at all, however, and I suspect the fan curve is too low to handle the power-hungry 1185G7 at max. Is there a way to change the fan curves, either in the BIOS or in Windows 10? If not, could there be one in an update?

Update: It might actually be the issue described here, I’ll test with a higher wattage charger.

Nope, it’s just straight thermal throttling. Well, time to get some better thermal paste and hope it improves temps a bit. Still would be nice to up the fan curves.

Maybe you got a bad fan? My laptop doesn’t have any issues with throttling under sustained load, but the fan definitely gets loud

I should probably clean it out with some canned air now that I think about it. I’ll do that and see if it helps. If not I’ll check the paste and get a new fan. Thanks!

Update: I used canned air, and it’s still going to 100 degrees almost instantly in Prime95 and Blender rendering. Also hitting it during extended use of my audio software with lots of synths. I think there’s an issue with the thermal paste, I’ll get some soon and try that.

The one tool I know of atm that you can try is: The Framework Laptop's Embedded Controller (EC) :: HowettNET - it won’t let you change the curve, but it should let you manually set the fanduty.

BTW, throttling down to 400 MHz might mean your processor is triggering PROCHOT at 105C - there’s probably some way in Windows to make sure your laptop starts throttling at a lower temperature to not hit that? Better cooling with a laptop cooling pad or a elevated stand that doesn’t block airflow might help as well.

Just to add, via ectool (above post), plus this method (which should work from the Windows side as well) should give you kind of what you want:

Thermal paste wasn’t effective, going to change the temp curves. Thanks, and I’ll update again.

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