Change scroll speed on Fedora 36?

Hi, I got my 12th gen yesterday. I’m trying out Fedora for a bit at first but having a few problems. One of them is that I find the touchpad scrolling is quicker than I like. How can I change the scroll speed? I’ve only been able to find a setting that changes the actual cursor speed.



This doesn’t change it systemwide, but since I do most of my scrolling in Firefox, I applied a fix there. Go to about:config and change mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount to 60. You can change the number higher or lower depending on your tastes. I think there’s extensions that do the same for chrome-based browsers as well.


This is a common problem with GNOME. For now, there’s a fix which intercepts libinput functionalities: Kirby Kevinson / libinput-config · GitLab

scroll-factor=0.2 seems to be suitable.


The extension for chromium based browsers (that I use) would be this.

It’s pretty cool as you can change it sandboxed from your OS so if you like your articles to scroll a bit faster you can do that!

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Yeah I have the same Issue sadly.

So I came across an quick solution on Reddit, for Firefox, you can go to about:config, and select “mousewheel.default.delta_multiplier_y”. I set my value to 20 and its works great for me.

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I remember this is a issue with wayland

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Yeah I’ve been having the same issue on fedora 40, looking around still can’t find a way to slow the scroll speed (I’ve set the firefox mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount to 1 and still it flies past)

Is there really not a fix for this?? I’ve switched away from windows 11 because I was looking for customisation but not being able to read a webpage without whispering at the touchpad is kinda a dealbreaker…