Changing EFI Boot Order


I’ve dual booted my machine with Ubuntu and Windows 11. However, I’m unable to change the default boot order so that I can indicate to the system which system I want to boot. My only work around is to remember to press F12 at startup and select manually if I don’t want Windows.

Does anyone know how to change this? From setup I’m able to see the EFI Boot Order, but I can’t seem to change anything on the screen.

OS: Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 11 on separate boot disks
Device: Framework 16
BIOS Version: IFGP6.03.02

Thanks for your help.

I figured it out. Documenting here for the next guy. :slight_smile:

There is a setting: New Boot Device Priority - Mine was set to Auto which prevents you from changing the boot order. I simply changed to Last (First will also work), which unlocked the options on the EFI Boot Order screen.

Change to anything other than Auto.

After changing the setting mentioned above, you will now see on the EFI Boot Order screen that the options are unlocked. You can navigate with the arrow keys and switch around the order with F5 and F6.


Glad you figured it out in the UEFI menus. An alternate way to skin this cat would be to use bcdedit under Windows, or efibootmgr under Linux, to re-configure the boot order. A third route would be to have the bootloader itself be aware of the multiple boot options – I’m not sure how to achieve that with Windows’ loader (though the dusty halls of my brain seem to think it’s possible), but GRUB should definitely be able to provide a menu every time.