Charger cord costs extra?

Ok so I was ready to drop 2k plus on a lap top then at the end they ask if I want to pay extra for a cord? Seriously?

It’s there as an option because some people already have 65 watt and above chargers. That way they can reuse the existing charger and not create waste by getting a new one.


It’s a modular design.

You can buy a pre built (all in one) or

  • Board
  • Chassis
  • Lid
  • Screen
  • Memory
  • Hinges
  • Expansion cards . . . . . . .
  • Battery
  • Power brick
  • Mains cables
  • etc. etc.

So why the issue with ‘a cord’

You are not paying any extra you just pay for the bits you want ???


It doesn’t even have to be 65 watt.
I mostly use a 45 watt Samsung charger.
Have also used a 30 watt MacBook Air charger, and a 25 watt Samsung.


You mean you prefer to be forced into buying items, without even making a decision on whether you need to purchase it or not?


You are not paying extra for the charger, you are paying less if you do not need it.


I think that not including a charger by default or by including it in the “starting at” price, it can be a little deceptive considering it’s the only thing that is technically “necessary”.

What it is now:
12th gen intel “Starts at $819”. No option is selected by default on the DIY configurator, and adding the charger brings it to $868.
What it could be:
12th gen intel “Starts at $868”. The “Power Adapter - [localized]” is selected by default. Removing the charger drops your cost to $819.

The charger is also already included by default in the prebuilt condigurator. If you’re going to not have a charger be included by default for the DIY one, then add a “no, I don’t want a charger” option for the prebuilt, too, even if it doesn’t save the customer money.

The general direction of customer preference selection is “Opt-in”…not “opt out”. Default question style is “Would you like…”, not “Would you not like…”.


The RAM and Storage are also not included in the “starting at” price, because all three parts can be purchased elsewhere. The DIY laptop only requires you to include things that you can only get from Framework.

P.S. the Wifi card is a little bit of an odd case, because it was originally optional as you can also get that elsewhere, but enough customers had trouble with the installation, so it was preinstalled for convenience.


Exactly. And even if this weren’t the case, leaving out the charger for DIY laptops makes sense because, in all likelihood, a majority of DIY customers already have a sufficient charger. Do you have a USB PD phone or tablet charger? You can charge your Framework. Do you have a power bank designed for laptops? The power bank’s wall charger can charge your Framework. Do you have a USB laptop dock? Many also charge the connected device. Any of these could be sufficient depending on your use case.

Many DIY customers will be buying the internal parts elsewhere to save money; this also applies to the charger.