Charging without memory/RAM or storage/SSD installed

Yes, I know, very noob question. I have a very limited understanding of electronics and don’t want to ruin such an expensive machine.

I received my DIY Framework laptop earlier than I expected and don’t have RAM and storage at hand now. Furthermore, I will be away for another week. So my Framework will be sitting unused in its box for a little more than 2 weeks.
I am worrying about potential battery damages if the battery discharges over those 2 weeks and is dead for a prolonged period of time.

So, is it sensible to give it a little charge or am I worrying to much?

The laptop is shipped with the battery system in a shipping mode that basically disconnects it, so it isn’t discharged. That’s why you cannot power it up f ehom the battery on first use but have to connect the power supply, it’s also mentioned in the manual :blush:.


Fully agree with the above regarding the main battery but the RTC battery? Even 12th gen would want a connected and charged main battery to keep the RTC from deep discharging.

Perhaps it really doesn’t matter, if they have 12th gen deep discharging the RTC again is unlikely and in general doesn’t seem to matter, if they have the 11th gen you get out of warranty replacement for damaged RTC batteries.

Personally I would fully charge the system before travel, you won’t harm it charging it up sans RAM and SSD.

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Thank you for your replies @tbe and @Usernames! I indeed ordered the 12th gen version because of the RTC battery issue of the 11th gen. I suppose I will simply charge the laptop before my travels.

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