Chrome Os expansion card

Hi there,
It would be nice, if there were possibly to buy a expansion card with an official certificated Chrome OS. I know that everyone can download versions of Chrome OS from nonofficial websites but they don’t support for example apps from Play Store.
This expansion card would be bought not only by framework fan’s but also by other people.
What do you think about this idea?
Have a nice day,

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Hi @Dawid_Muszynski
I think your best option to try would be to purchase a SSD expansion card and install a chromeOS image on it such as CloudReady for Home: Free Download — Neverware


When I get one of these Laptops I will install Linux on an extension card. The same should work with Chrome Os.


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Thank you for replies.
I have another question.
Would be possibility to use a expansion card with other computer if l I had Chrome OS on a expansion card?

@Dawid_Muszynski yep! Expansion Cards use a standard USB-C interface so that you can plug them into other hosts.

Someone has tested Neverware CloudReady already as well.