Chromebook stops charging

I have noticed that my FW Chromebook occasionally stops charging. The yellow light next to the USB-C port goes out but the battery icon in the status area still shows the charge active indicator. If I do nothing it doesn’t restart on its own. This happens weekly more or less. I have two USB-C port adapters and I’ve tried switching charging between them and also swapping them side to side but it keeps happening. If I back out the cord and plug it back in the yellow light comes On and the charge completes … until next time. I don’t believe it to be the power brick or cords; I’ve used different ones that all seem to work. In fact the one I use most often is an Acer left over from another Chromebook and it never had a charge problem there. Plus if the power was dropping out it wouldn’t explain that charge icon still showing active and the yellow light off. I’ve learned to check on the yellow light and reseat the cord when I discover it’s happened again. Since the charge completes this isn’t a serious problem to me but it’d be nice to get a fix eventually.


Hi and welcome.

Did you really post in large and bold text or was that an accident?

Could you please describe whether or not this happens when you use the Framework supplied power adapter?

Not all power adapters are created equally.

Must be accident, I didn’t want that.

I will switch to FW power adapter full time to verify.

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