Clarification needed on High power consumption

You can still use one of the middle ports. You only gonna have an issue of you want all 3 USB A devices on the same side.

No, I’m talking about the Framework 13 here, which only has 4 ports.
I know, wrong forum, but it’s basically the same problem (I am confused about the “higher power consumption” icons) so I commented here

You are posting in the FRAMEWORK 16 forum. :roll_eyes:

yes, I see, totally different hardware, not a similar AMD-platform at all, I’m sure the icon on the Framework 13 page has a completely different meaning.
I’ll post in the Framework 13 forum then o_O

On the Framework 13, you’ll probably not want to carry around a mouse and keyboard and stuff, so if you want to build a desktop setup, just get a docking station or a super cheap hub. Don’t need anything more than USB2.0 speed for mouse and keyboard.

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