CMOS battery dying when laptop is powered off (11th Gen)

I’ve been running into an issue where the CMOS battery on the 11th gen dies if the laptop is powered off. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s plugged in or not. Symptoms are that the date is wrong on startup and all the BIOS settings are reset to defaults. The bigger issue though is that it has trouble booting when this happens, with the screen not turning on, and the fans just ramping up to maximum indefinitely. It takes a cryptic combination of holding and releasing the power button a bunch of times, and plugging in and removing the USB-C charging cable to get it to boot, though I don’t actually know if the power button pressing is doing the trick here or if it just needs time to charge the CMOS battery before booting.

Anyone know of a solution here, or if this also occurs in the 12th Gen boards? Running the 3.10 BIOS, and it’s the i7-1185G7 CPU model.

Obvious questions is, have you tried a new CMOS battery?

It’s not a battery:
Viability of an ML 1220 rechargable battery for RTC | CMOS (11th gen) - Community Support / Question - Framework Community

You haven’t said which OS you are using and the firmware update.

Further when the battery does it will not power the CMOS so no BIOS at all until you connect external power. You then will have to see if charging the ML1220 for 24 hours helps

You don’t say how long you have had the laptop or when this started to happen.

Yes it takes hour just to get it partly charged.