doesn't work on mobile?

It used to work before. I thought it was a general website issue, but i then realized it worked fine on pc.

On mobile i just get a blank page, regardless if i go desktop view or not.
Is it only me? I use the firefox app.

Odd. It is working in Safari on mobile. Do you have any other browsers on mobile that you could check?

Working fine for me on Firefox mobile…

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Posted this from Chrome on mobile.

hmmm yea, idk, nvm, i guess it’s just broken on my side then. works fine on the Chrome app.

Firefox also gives me the weird option to install the site’s app, but when i press on it, it just adds the site to the homescreen (does it even have an app?)
@Matt1 do you also get that? When you press on the 3 dots to get the options, under “Desktop site” and “Save to collection”, i have “Install”.

ok, for some reason it started working again.
there’s still a delay before the site comes on where there’s a blank page, but that delay is not permanent like before.
still weird that, that is needed. it might happen again later on

@AnataBakka yeah that install option appears for me. I think it is a PWA thing, so it looks like a native app, but is really a website…

@AnataBakka and @Matt1: The install as an app feature is something that Firefox and chromium browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc.) started doing recently. In some cases, if the right chunk of code is present on a site, chrome will add an option to install the app to the address bar on a desktop OS. It basically does the following:

  • Creates a shortcut.
  • Allows you to open that site from the shortcut as a seperate process.
  • Causes any external links from an appified site to open in the browser, like a non-browser based app would do.
  • Removes some of the browser chrome related to having multiple tabs.

It doesn’t actually install an app, and the resulting appified site is less feature rich from an operating system perspective than a native app, but it can be nice.

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I’d like too see this nice community in an app :smiley: