Community Moderator Application

Hello, everyone,

As our incredible community grows, we will be looking to introduce moderators to assist us with some of our community platforms including Reddit, and the Forum!

If you’re interested in volunteering for us, please fill out the form below! Also, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you, and good luck to those applying! :orange_heart:


Thank you, I have applied as I think I suit this role.

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I have been waiting for the Framework to ask us for the community moderators like what Fairphone has been doing. It’s time. :smiley:

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We are currently working on what moderation looks like for our community. But, we are ensuring we stay compliant when it comes to data being shown to our volunteers!

just a quick question: what will be the responsibilities of the moderators?
Would they essentially remain normal forum members with some elevated privileges (e.g. merging posts) or would more responsibilities come with the job?


I read this, just figured it’s been a week and it may have mainly regarded compliance.

When will people be notified?

Those who will be brought on to moderate for us, have been already notified! As we continue to grow, we hope to bring additional support in!

For now, moderators will be in charge of moderation but also, handling merges if need be, sending us posts we should look into, and just being an overall set of helpful eyes!

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In the past, I’ve seen most boards have a two tier moderator structure, I’ll refer to them as Tier 1 Volunteer and Tier 2 Professional.

Tier 1 Volunteer moderators are purely unpaid volunteers. Their primary job as moderators is to keep the community boards free of spam and other junk posts.

Merging duplicate and/or similar discussion threads, and otherwise maintaining a clear organization of information on the community boards is also their responsibility.

Tier 1 moderators are sometimes responsible for moderating inappropriate behavior on the boards, typically this occurs as a moderator gets more experience and a better feel for what to do and when at the guidance of a Tier 2 moderator. They sometimes have the ability to edit user’s posts on the forum to remove content that violates community policies, such as links and language.

Tier 1 moderators do not typically have access to any personal information such as phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, or anything not available to the general public of the community boards, except for user posts that have been hidden due to violations of community guidelines (or moderator discussion areas).

Tier 2 Professional moderators are often employed by the organization, and are often responsible for writing community guidelines and making sure that the community reflects the company and is an open and inviting, and helpful place.

Having not been a professional moderator, I am not entirely sure of what additional information professional moderators typically have access to, but email addresses and IP addresses are likely to be included. Tier 2 moderators would be able to send password reset emails for users, and block bots and other malicious actors. For smaller organizations, tier 2 moderators often have additional IT Tech Support responsibilities which may require them to have access to additional information beyond email and IP addresses. A Tier 2 moderator typically has the ability to merge duplicate content, edit user’s posts to remove links and language, and delete or hide content from the public or otherwise manage membership and access to specific areas of the community (Blocking, VIP Areas, Moderator areas, etc.).


We have updated the form with a new application. If you have already applied, no need to resubmit!

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No data gets shown to our volunteers such as emails, or personal information. Only admins can see that and only admins are employed by Framework.

Moderators can’t see applications either so won’t see if users are above/below 16


Can I reapply if not accepted the first time?

Absolutely! We will continuously pull so there were no “denials”. It’s just a new form. However, we are looking for 1-2 more forum moderators.

The only thing leading to denial is if you are under the age of 16. Due to the many COPPA laws, etc. we think it’s best our moderators are above the legal age of 16

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Ah alright that puts me on the denial list for 3 years.

Mr. Cook, having read many of your posts, you seem to be mature beyond your years.
Best wishes to you.

@FrameworkBee I completely understand the reasoning behind COPPA regulations, but I thought it mainly affects people under the age of 13. I’m guessing there is also the factor of maturity as well.

COPPA is a different age for many countries. Most of them being 16+

Maturity also plays a big part but not a deciding factor as we have met many responsible teens under 16

From what I have read US, EU and most countries consider a child as 13 (which is the age where COPPA is enforced.,minimum%20of%2013%20years%20old.