Component Shipping Time Estimates

Hi all!

TL;DR: How long does it take for components on the Framework Marketplace to ship to Vancouver, Canada (metro area)?

My friend has been having issues with the Mediatek Wifi card in his laptop (he’s running Pop OS), so I was trying to find a Wifi card with great Linux support and performance, at a reasonable price. I remembered that the ones at Framework satisfied those criteria, and I wanted to help support Framework’s mission, so I suggested he buy one from them. However, he’s concerned that it will take forever to ship. I looked for info online, and saw that the laptop was supposed to ship in 3-4 weeks, but that was in August 2021. How long would it take for a Wifi card to ship to Vancouver, Canada from Framework?

Marketplace orders generally ship out the same day they are placed as long as they are before the shipping cutoff at our fulfillment partner. Shipping time will depend on location, but you can go to FedEx’s site and estimate ship time from New Jersey to Vancouver. We also have an expedited shipping option.