Confused by a part that came with the DIY edition

I don’t know whether I’m being stupid, but I can’t seem to find anywhere in the setup walkthrough that refers to this part. It looks like it’s something to do with the input modules? I have a keyboard and numpad, do I need to be worrying about installing this part?

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I believe that is the interposer for the non-GPU fan module. Can I see the other side?


The contacts look like they should connect to the mid plate.

Based solely on what I have seen in the reviews, I don’t have mine and I only ordered with the GPU and not the fan module, that is the interposer that connects the fan module to the main board. The right side connects to the main board and the left side connects to the fan module.

The GPU module requires more pcie lanes so it has two pads that look like the right side on each side.

Cool, it does seem to be referenced in the GPU module walkthrough too. Would be nice if it were labelled in the kit, but at least I know it’s ok to leave for now. Thanks for the help.

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Yep, that what it is.

@Jonathan_Poncelet Best to keep it in the case it came in to protect the pins.

Just to make sure - do you have the GPU module installed?
Otherwise this might be needed to make the fans spin in the non-GPU module.

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Yep, the GPU module is installed. I’ll keep the interposer safe for if I need it in future.

Yes, this is needed if you want to connect the “empty” expansion bay with just the fans in the future.

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