Confused Shipping Company

I just had an interesting call from a shipping company that was transporting my RMA.

They initially blocked the shipment from moving because it had an itemized list of parts (ram, SSD, modules, bezel, etc) which I guess seemed suspicious.

I received a phone call and was asked why I didn’t just write laptop on the list of items. :joy:

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What country?
Stupid of them to hold up a shipment because it’s an itemized list of computer parts. As if there is something wrong with shipping a bunch of parts.

Unless you’re in a country with export controls on technologies that could be used for military applications, shipping to an embargoed or sanctioned country. But I somehow doubt Framework’s RMA address is inside a sanctioned country.

Yeah, it was all a bit strange.

I live in Canada. The return was going to the United States. Both pretty standard countries. The lady didn’t really give any reason for the hold, but she sent it through in the end.

On another note, I would like to say how impressed I was with Framework’s shipping partners. I got my Laptop from Taiwan in about 2.5 days. I couldn’t believe it!

Let FedEx handle it, they should contact FW if there are any issues as they should be the shipper (company/person who pays for the label)

Normally I’d agree with you but they called me, so I got the ball rolling again.

I was surprised they called me, but they did so I dealt with it. :man_shrugging: