Contingent for international orders

It’s my understanding that if everything goes as planned, international customers (at least some of them) can order the Framework by the end of the year and presumably after all the preorder batches have concluded. As you are already shipping the first orders, I expect the first reviews to be published in the following weeks.

If those are very positive (which I hope), or if there is some kind of chip shortage worsening incident in the meantime (which I don’t hope), there might be some supply shortages, necessitating a continuation of the batch model.

I know this is very hypothetical, but certainly something you might have planned for. My question is: Does your plan include “international customers only” sub-batches? Because it would be very frustrating for me and other international customers to wait even longer until the US market is saturated and one cannot be certain of the supply of anything these days it seems.

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It’s too early for us to make a statement we can commit to around this, but at least from where we are now, we don’t believe we’ll be limited on production capacity to be able to launch additional countries later this year.


Hi, Are we able to get an update on international shipping ? Im in the UK and keen to get try out a framework for our team :slight_smile:

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I’m very keen to get a DIY edition in the UK. Knowing if this is possible or not this year would be very useful to know.

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