Cool M.2 2230 2.5 GbE ethernet adapter

I was thinking about possible future use for the mainboard in a NAS. I have lots of ideas but not enough skill…

Anyway I came across a very cool part for hardwiring Ethernet into the M.2 2230 slot currently used for the WiFi module:

Uses the Intel I225 for 2.5 GbE connectivity. I’ve seen several others with similar designs that use the tried-and-true Intel i210. All use the same design, a tiny M.2 2230 with a header that connects to a PCIe bracket-mounted RJ45 port.

Very cool, and I can’t see why it wouldn’t work with the Framework mainboard!

As for the rest of it, some of it hasn’t been invented yet. Oh well.


That would definitely be cool. I haven’t given much thought to the future uses of my mainboard, but I keep hearing about awesome ideas like this!