Cooling flow for the mainboard

I’m currently designing a custom case for the Framework with integrated monitor. I am trying to squeeze it all in to as small a space as possible and I am wondering about airflow to the main fan…

My primary question is - is having just one side of the fan exposed adequate? This seems to be how the laptop functions, with the keyboard facing side fairly starved for air (although I would guess it is drawing some air across the mainboard components) and the underside having the clearer path to the cooler.
Is this correct or is there actually adequate flow to the cooler on the top side?

I don’t want to create a situation where I make excess noise by starving the fan, but the only way it all fit’s together in the case I’m making is to sandwich the mainboard, monitor and battery - leaving one side of the fan pretty much cut off. I can design something to get some airflow in there if need be.

I cant imagine that the other components need active cooling, the right side of the board only has ventilation on the underside of the board but i cant see how the fan could pull air from anywhere to cool those components.

The primary component that does not have any additional cooling that might need it is the Nvme drive.