Cost of storage

I’m looking at building a 13" Framework and see that a 4TB ssd costs over CAD700. The same module (WD_BLACK™ SN850X NVMe™- M.2 2280 - 4TB) is on for about CAD405. Am I missing something or is there a mistake somewhere?

You pay a premium to get parts from FW.


No, that’s just how it is. I bought the 770 2tb SSD that framework offers from Amazon for less than half the price framework wants. This is probably because of more expensive storage and shipping, stock keeping, and maybe because framework needs to buy/import these in Taiwan and then import them again to US/UK/Europe? Not sure.

Framework also wants to make a profit while Amazon can operate at a loss or with much less profit because they have their almost monopoly.

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Best to purchase on your own, same with RAM. I suggest the Samsung 990Pro SSD and Crucial/Micron RAM.

OK but that’s an extreme difference no matter how you slice it and hard to justify.

It is, but they need to make a profit off of the parts they sell.

Could be worse.

NAND prices recently fell a lot.
Framework likely has inventory they brought back when prices were far higher, and thus needs to sell it at the initial price.
Of course you’re free to not buy a SSD from them (unlike Apple).
I remember when I first brought my Framework, SSDs were downright below market price.

Maybe they have old stock but manufacturers generally rely on JIT delivery to protect against price drops. Of course I’ll just buy it elsewhere!