Crash and will not boot

I was playing a game on my FW16 with graphics module. The screen went black so I paused the game. I could hear the menu respond when I used the arrow keys to navigate the menu, but that soon stopped. The FW16 stopped responding, so I powered it off. When I powered it back on, the LED matrices showed some animations like they do upon boot up, the LED for the power/fingerprint reader was on, but nothing else seemed to respond. The fans never came on, when I left it on for a while it still didn’t change but the machine felt a bit warm to the touch. I plugged in an HDMI to see if maybe it was just the monitor, but nothing happened. I contacted FW support, but I know they have some level of backlog, so if the fix is simple or there are some additional troubleshooting steps you guys can suggest to try in the meantime, that would be great.

Which OS are you using?
So no audible tones to show that the OS booted up ok?

Windows 11 and no audible tones