Creating a keyboard with a semi transparency for individual digital keys to shine through

There are a lot of languages and needing to create a physical keyboard for most of these would be a huge hassle. What about creating a semi transparent keyboard containing lots and lots of small light points below? Default could start with showing a digital US keyboard having the small light points below shine through with the digital keys. User changes the keyboard language and the light points below the physical keys change to reflect the language. User then sees the keyboard layout in their selected language. User could also go into the keyboard software to make additional customizations to the keyboard to reflect specific keys they want programmed.

Having a physical keyboard in which the light diodes change below to have it shine through the specific language layout would make it possible to just use one keyboard for all languages as well as giving the user the opportunity to go into the keyboard software and customize specific keys. It would make for a really unique and custom experience. Making it possible for all users to get any language they want to use on their framework laptop.

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bad for battery life. Now if every key had a tiny e-paper display under the transparent keycap…

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This looks cool. I am looking through the Kickstarter campaign right now.
Flux Keyboard - The Keyboard Reinvented