Crowdsourced Testing-HDMI Audio Output to TV's/Receivers

tl;dr - Connect your FW to your Receiver or TV using the HDMI Expansion card (not a dock or anything else) and see if Audio works through the TV, post the receiver/TV you’re using along with results.

Why? In this thread there were a few people having issues with Audio-Out to TV’s or TV’s via Receivers(/AVR, whatever). Seems to affect both Windows and Linux, 11th gen and 12th gen laptops. It doesn’t look like the issue was resolved and now I find myself having the same issue with my 12th gen. I have a support ticket open but wanted to see if others are affected, or perhaps if someone’s found a cause or solution.

DIY I7-1165 running Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS.
BIOS 3.07 and 3.10
Connected to a Vizio M50-C1 (2015) via framework HDMI expansion card.
Optical digital audio connection between TV and 18 year old 7.1 channel receiver.
Stereo / Multichannel audio passed to receiver always works fine.
I never use TV internal speakers so that was not tested.
Video is smooth and noticeably better than from my 2012 Macbook Pro.

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DIY i7-1260P, NixOS unstable (Linux 5.19.0), BIOS 3.04

No problems here on both:

  • Sony KDL-24EX320 TV (2011)
  • LG 27UD58-B display (2016) over headphone out
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