Current support response times

What are the current response times for support? I understand that it is probably high due to a high number of people ordering but I would like a general estimate as I sent an email to request for a change in my order for the DIY edition late last week.

They have normally responded to me at most within an hour or two, although yesterday it was taking longer. I think you should follow up your email in case it got overlooked.

That’s way quicker than what I am getting, I have sent a follow-up email but still no reply. I do understand that they are most likely swamped considering the media coverage though.

I’ve been trying all week through chat and email. I haven’t gotten anything which is concerning considering the last email I got was an automated email Monday claiming my payment didn’t work and asking me to update it. I’ve updated it even though my card should work and I saw not rejection from my bank, but I can’t get in touch with anyone to see what’s going on. Their site was bugging out for me Monday and I had to refresh over and over to add another card, so I feel any issue was probably on their site’s end and not my card.

@sean_li we are being inundated with demand at the moment so support times are a bit longer than normal. But we are doing our best to keep up.
@James_Blackstone we will also be going through any payment issues and resolving them since you reached out to support we will follow up.


@Kieran_Levin Thank you for responding! When I click the link in the automated email, it says batch 3 instead of my batch 1 order, so I did not proceed there and instead added another card in my account payment options. This is why I have been trying to reach support. It was like I was placing another order, will that overwrite my batch 1 preorder from may?

Hi James, thanks for reaching out. Our support team at is going to be the best way to check what is occurring there and get to resolution. Thanks for your patience as we work through the current backlog!

Possibly similar-ish thing, my confirmation e-mail just came a couple days ago and has the last four digits for the card I originally used (and had the deposit drawn from), rather than the card I currently have active in my user settings - hoping that when the full payment goes through it’s on the active card rather than the one referenced in the confirmation?

@A_L could you reach out to to check? Could you also check if the card in your user settings says “Default” on it?

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Got a response already from, writing here in case anyone else had the same thing: so long as the new card is listed as active on the user account (and for good measure I’d taken off the old one entirely) it will bill to that. Excelsior! :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue with my credit card and the confirmation email. Support told me I was OK. Then I got worried again because my “Shipping Soon” email said the wrong card was charged; however, when I checked my bank, the correct card was actually charged. :sweat_smile:

The card is now charged to what is set to default in your user account. The emails were still going out with the payment method from the deposit showing. We’re working on resolving this!

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This issue is still happening.