DAVE2D's video on a Framework 16 Engineering Sample

i think it will be good if they draw or print red circle around screws so that users knows where is screw and easier to remove screws before users unsreaw 9 screws out of 10 and with force damage the lpatop. so will be good to have different type of colors for different types of things like red for screws or maybe make some red screws


They’re numbered, it seems from the screenshot. And there would be a digital guide. Red circles around the screws would add cost with minimal to no additional benefit when you have the guide.

With that said, what’s not clear from the screenshot of the camera shot is how easy to read are the markings in person.

I have once tried to disassemble a Dell XPS 13 display. That got a lot of its rigidity by gluing the outer aluminium shell to the display panel. They at least included pull lines to cut through the glue. One end of those lines broke, so in the end I broke the (otherwise already broken) display panel completely by cracking one edge.
After the parts are separated there is not a lot of rigidity left. The bezel itself did not provide a lot of the initial rigidity. I do not know if this could be done better by having more screws holding the panel in, but probably not to the level of gluing both together anyway.
I will probably need to replace my display in the FW13 so I am very happy about the no glue policy.


RGB Keyboard looks nice, pity theres no UK variant of it. I’d preorder one if there was a critical mass type deal down the road.

It looks reasonably quick to swap out the rear module, but I might prefer it somewhat if it was a screwless design, depending on what modules we get down the road. On a long day in another city I might want to load a battery module and keep the GPU module in the hotel room for instance. It’d be nice to not have to worry about remembering the screwdriver.

Didn’t see much talk of the screen, but looked reasonably nice. I’m still a little sad about it not being 3:2, and it doesn’t look like theres much scope to upgrade later and eliminate that chin with the screw placement. But hey, 16:10 gives plenty of work area at 16".


RGB Keyboard looks so nice but no Linux variant :frowning:


Magnesium is a funny material. It’s stiffer and lighter than aluminum, but it often doesn’t ‘feel’ like metal despite being a more premium material than aluminum.

From handling a recent 13" I bought for a relative, if the 16 is anywhere near that, I’d be perfectly happy.
Another point, almost no laptop I’ve handled feels as ‘stiff’ after a disassembly. Taking apart a surface laptop studio to do an SSD swap, it’s definitely lost some of its rigidity, simply from having to peel away layers of glue and liner around the lip.

The fact that FM’s are made to be disassembled and put back together without losing their initial rigidity is fair enough for me. If I really wanted to, I could use double sided adhesive to glue the lid covers down and that 13" would’ve been tight as a clam, but that’s giving up future ease of maintenance.


All photos and videos that exist today are of pre-production development units. None are representative of the final product.


Will there be any photo updates of PVT1/2 units?

I really don’t know anything about manufacturing…just referring to this:

You will need 17 Frore Airjet Pros on a vapor chamber so no, it will not work.
More detailed elaboration here.


I got the new 3.5 kg hinges for the Framework Laptop 13. It’s so much better than the 0.2 kg improvement over the 3.3 kg hinges would lead you to believe.

The hinges are weaker when opening the laptop, facilitating a one-handed opening. Then, they become tighter while fully opening the laptop, reducing lid flopping.

Well, not with that spirit. The beauty of this design is that space isn’t really an issue. It would be a thick creature but you could fit nearly anything. Of course, this would not be something that framework themselves should make, and working with vapor chambers on a hobbyist level looks painful, but I wouldn’t go so far ad to say it won’t work. Just very, very unlikely

Being an Amateur radio operator, how good is RFI from the power supply, and laptop.

Biggest issue I would say is power consumption. The tech is really cool (hah) but it doesn’t have a good cooling to power consumption ratio as fans do.


AirJets isn’t just a problem of space. You’d also need a stupid amount of power to drive them. Better to wait for Gen 2


Just a personal opinion, but I wouldn’t worry about build quality too much with Framework. From what I heard the FW13 is solid, and Dave2D himself said in the video he was impressed already at this stage.

Also the fact that the last “deep dive” was months ago although they said “coming soon” shows that they are working hard still ;).

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Personal speculation, but: I had the feeling Dave2D will still make another video about it. This may be the reason. The video was already pretty long, and I think he will go into detail more in other videos. And likely at a point when he can/is allowed to say more on real gaming performance.

It’s also an engineering sample, so it’s missing a bunch of fit and finish that the final product has.

The most critical word here in @nrp’s reply is “has”, not “will have”: indicating final product is finished thing and shipping is soon

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Of the people who were lucky enough to get one to show in their YouTube channel, none were able to test the dGPU. One person (sorry, I forgot who - I’m bad with remembering people/names) said they had the dGPU but it had a fan issue and was only able to test for a few minutes before it got heat soaked. That was the closest we came with someone being able to experience and report on the 7700S experience.

Makes sense and I was wondering while writing before above. I think framework 16 notebooks are actually already shipping in Taiwan if I am not mistaken. So if the notebook is finished, then I assume remaining deep dives come after shipping which is totally fine and in line with the initial announcement of deep dives I think.

It was the Verge I think.