Dbrand is Awesome

That is all.


Out of curiosity, how easy was the installation? I was tempted to get myself a Dbrand skin but I was a bit concerned to do it wrong.


Awesome, never realized that these custom skins were a thing :smiley:

Makes me wonder if I could just make my own on our Fablab’s Vinyl cutter, could even add more logos or other artwork in cutouts :slight_smile:

The swarm skin looks amazing! I’m kinda regretting not going for that. I got grey carbon fibre for the top and palm rests of mine last weekend, looks very cool :slight_smile:

@Minty_Root they have videos on their site that give helpful tips. I just pulled the vinyl off to the side and down a little so that 3 edges were able to stick. If you align 3 edges then the rest of it will align. Mine isn’t 100% perfect…I’d say maybe 95%. It takes time for the bond to really set in so if you don’t align it right the first time you can just pull it off and try again. I think I had to do that 3 or 4 times.

I’m also using a matte screen protector from here: Framework Laptop 13.5 Screen Protector - Matte
I highly reccomend this too if you are not a fan of the glossy display the Framework laptop comes ith.