DBrand skins - sick, anyone tried these?

DBrand framework skins

These look pretty cool. Anyone tried 'em?

Damascus looks really flash.

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Yup. Got a dbrand skin on my FW13 (just the top case). I’m sure there was a thread on here with people showing off their dbrand skinned FW laptops.

Edit: Found it.

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Oh wow, wood veneer! That’s novel. Nice one mate, I like it.

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Yeah, I picked a full setup. Not too impressed with the cost it is really ridiculous what you get. The skin does not hold up well when simply putting the laptop in your leather bag every day. I would just buy the lid cover from someone cheaper.

65 bucks for stickers? Framework Laptop Skins, Wraps & Covers » dbrand


I also got a full setup (Matrix), have been using it for almost a whole year.
After installing the skin it is essentially one with the laptop. Holds up very well sliding it my bag, although it is not a leather one.
The input cover and trackpad skin also has a good feel when using the computer.
Quite satisfied with the purchase.

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How long did it take them to make the 13 inch ones, I want to buy a skin for the 16 inch frameworks

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Just installed a concrete dbrand skin on top of my 13"

I went with no cutout, I do like the subtle, “embossed,” logo that results…

I’ve been rocking the Obsidian skin for a few months and I’ve been loving it. It’s subtle until it’s not.

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