Dbrand Framework Skins Up

Looks good.
I feel like they could’ve easily made the bottom front part a separate piece (to be attached as a single “U” piece).


I got everything but the trackpad. All the same carbon black color. :+1:

I agree that the U on the bottom should have a skin for it. Kinda looks a little odd without it.

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I totally agree. I wish they could’ve done a better job but oh well.

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I went with a combination of mahogany and matte black. I do kinda like the rougher texture on the touchpad.


I’m typically against putting stickers on anything, but the lid skin looks sharp.

How difficult is the alignment and application process?


I like the cover, but the bottom and the inside not so much. I least this has caused me to refine my tastes.

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For those who have skinned their trackpad, how has it affected sensitivity, tactile feel, and overall performance?

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I like this combo. Looks sharp. I’m considering either this exact combo, or all Hyperblack Titanium with a matte black trackpad.

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Got my palmrest and track pad skins. Looks Dope!



I had no idea the skins had such realistic textures pressed in. That wood grain looks phenomenal.


It’s very easy. Their instructions, bad jokes aside, are very good. Framework Laptop Skins » How to Apply » dbrand

I did not use a hair dryer at all.


That looks fantastic! Am I allowed to copy that? Lol

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dbrand has x-ray skins for a lot of phones. would love to see them offer it for the framework. especially considering it’s a laptop based on accessibility.

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How’s the accuracy of the track pad tracking after the skin install?
Exactly same as without the skin?
Small accuracy loss?

I honestly can’t say there’s any issues after applying the track pad skin. I can press fairly lightly and it detects everything fine. I don’t see any noticeable difference between with or without.

It’s been well worth it to be honest.


Thanks for the feedback!

Kinda hilarious how I can order skins before I can order actual laptop.

Has anyone tested to see if adding a bottom skin affects thermals at all?

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That’s because the laptop is in early production. This is how low volume production works, whereas all DBrand needs to do to make a new skin is laser cut the right parts of a giant sheet of sticky plastic.