Dead pixel (single row and single column)

I just got my batch 4. I have lines on my display that aren’t uniform and are in single pixel width.

Edit: the image doesn’t show the horizontal line as discontinuous line, it’s visible to my eyes the line has bright and dark sections

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Yifei try sending an email to support to get them to resolve. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s anything anyone on this forum can do to help resolve this, it looks to me like it might be a bad panel.


My Framework which arrived last week also has this horizontal line and vertical blue streak, albeit in different places on the screen. Maybe a bad run of LCD panels; I’m currently working with Support to get it replaced.


I also have exactly this problem (though it’s only just manifested). I’ll contact support.

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I just got the same thing. My DIY 11th gen arrived two days ago (although it was mostly built - I just added the SSD, RAM and expansion cards). I don’t think this line was present for the last two days, but I suppose it may have been. I just noticed it this morning while in the middle of editing a document - I have a feeling it just manifested itself too. But the laptop was just sitting on my desk!

@Oliver_Charles, @Miles_Vancura - did this require a replacement panel, or is it something that can be fixed by reseating a cable? I suspect not, but I thought I’d ask. I’ve raised a support ticket anway.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Given there has been no user solution noted, best contact official support asap.

There’s no harm meanwhile in checking the cables, but it’s a long shot, resetting the memory and RAM would also fit that, possible but unlikely source of the problem.

All the best

@rubikcuber I was sent a new display by support, this fixed the problem.

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Thanks Oliver - it’s good to get confirmation that this seems to be a hardware fault. I’ll await a reponse to my support request.

For anyone who may have the same issue and come across this thread. I tried some troubleshooting based on information from support. Specifically trying the screen without the bezel, and reseating the monitor cable. Sadly neither helped, so support sent me out a replacement screen - which arrived to the UK in under a week. This fixed the issue (and was pretty quick and easy to swap).

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Looks like still happening with Framework 13 13th gen… Everything was ok for about 1.5 months, then the line appeared. It also has a small blue “tick” mark like on OP’s photos.

@AndBondStyle What was the resolution for this issue for you? My AMD Framework 13 developed the same issue yesterday, after nearly two months without any issues. It was fine last night, and then broken five minutes later. I guess it’s time to open a support request with Framework.

Framework support kinda agreed that it’s a manufacturing fault, however I couldn’t get a replacement part because I don’t live in a country that framework ships to… The good news is that it doesn’t get worse, so after 6 months it’s still one dead line for me. So yeah, just open a support ticket and follow along, I guess

I opened a support request, and after documenting the various troubleshooting steps requested, I was informed that the display panel will need to be replaced. I’m just waiting for the shipment of the replacement panel to be arranged.

While waiting for a replacement display, stumbled upon this interesting topic. I think I know what I’ll do with the old display now, maybe you’ll also be interested :slight_smile:

Interesting, but Framework had me ship the defective panel back to them when the replacement arrived. :slightly_smiling_face: