Default boot device missing | boot failed

Getting “Default boot device missing or boot failed” error

I am also getting that message, I had hoped that someone else here would have an answer. Glad to know I am not alone.

OK welcome to each of you.

it would help to know

  • What the specs are
  • What OS
  • How you get that message

You are very short on detail so how could anyone realisticly engage.

  • Is this a DIY?
  • Are you trying to install from a USB?
  • How have you set up the BIOS to boot ?

etc. :slight_smile:

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I am not trying to install from a USB, and I have not set up the BIOS to boot. How would I go about doing that? I am very new to setting up computers.

So this is a DIY version with no OS and you want to install Windows which you also bought.

You will have to flash Windows to a USB and get the BIOS to respond to that.

You can search and I will also to find guides :slight_smile:


That’s a first…

It’s blank. No data is on it.

No, that’s not the DIY experience. DIY means DIY. Go and install.

When you purchased the laptop, there was a link to the DIY Quick Start Guide.

You’ve got some reading to do.

I’m not even sure if you’re asking for help…or just happy that you’re not alone (i.e. documenting your experience).


"That’ - what?

Communication clarity…lack of.

Thanks for all of the help. I understand what I was doing wrong now. Thanks for not making me feel too stupid. :laughing: :blush:

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I can now see why my search results for other people having this problem were almost non-existent.

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Wondered why there were tags around the title and tried to remove them only to find there was another topic with that title.

Wow are YOU snarky. Nickel may be thankful for your help but as I’m in the same boat as him a year later because of your continued lack of “communication clarity”, I’m not.

While you don’t state we can expect a “Quick-Start” at any point while selling the “DIY experience”, you do in the title of your how-to guide. Explain to me how needing to locate at least two different programs, followed by needing to save them onto a separate computer (which is not mentioned as a part needed in that how-to guide, by the way) which is then followed by needing to process installing Windows through Rufus (I actually haven’t done this step yet so forgive me if I’m using the incorrect verbs here. I know roughly as much about setting up a computer as Nickel did) is “quick”, and all of this needing to be done before you press the power button on the laptop you are currently putting together while reading this how-to guide.

Actually, that’s not even really the issue here. The issue is you told me to turn on the computer before telling me how to install Windows on the laptop. Or was I supposed to turn on the laptop with the thumb drive including Windows OS already inserted into the laptop? If so, THAT should be stated in the “how-to” guide.
THEN it would be “quick”. At least I hope so. I haven’t done that yet so I don’t know if that is indeed the solution. These two guys figured it out without having to return here so hopefully that is it.