Delivery time to UK for Ryzen 13" laptop

Hi All,

I am a new member here.

On 21st May, I ordered a 13" Ryzen Laptop.
Apart from the initial order confirmation email, I have heard nothing.
Is this normal? Does anyone have any idea what the delivery times are at the moment.
A collegue of mine ordered his last year and had it delivered within the week.

Hi and welcome.

I’m not sure the delivery time for such to the UK is specific.

They are made in batches and then the batch is shipped.

I have Batch 8 of the 11th Gen intel. It took a while for the batch to be processed and then I was informed of the shipping. (2022 Feb 28 UK)

Are you in a hurry to receive it, or just impatient :rofl:

So yes a six day wait seems totally acceptable. I’m sure I had to wait longer than that.

There’s usually a follow when things are ready.

Search this site there are loads of such queries and answers. As I said it not specific to the RYzen 13"

Read up a bit while you wait :slight_smile:

General search:

General for the UK:


Hey Roland, I see that your order was shipped yesterday.