Design ideas for a future revision of the chassis

(in case a new chassis version ever comes out)

-360 degree hinge

-hotswap battery bay would be nice

-The scallop at the front of the chassis for opening the screen is far too shallow. Especially as the bezel and frame behind the display are not flush but staggered. There’s less than a millimeter between the edge of the bezel and the back of the scallop and my fingernail always slips off of it on the first try. And I’m afraid of scratching up the soft, rubbery plastic of the bezel with my fingernails.

-It seems to me that it would be rather easy to improve the audio quality by making the speakers upward firing. Just leave them where they are but mill holes in the top instead of the bottom and rotate them 180 degrees.


This isn’t quite a design change, but I would like to see the cooling take air in from one side of the back of the laptop and vent out the other side. Right now it seems to be pulling from the bottom and I cover the vents often when not using the laptop on a table. Both vents are already on the laptop, I’m wondering how easy it would be to change out the fan to pull air in from not the bottom. It cools well now, but I still do leave it on soft things and block the bottom airflow.