Desk stand recommendations?

Hi I’m (hopefully) a few days away from receiving my new Framework laptop! I’m shopping for a desk stand, and interested in something like this

Does anyone have any recommendations they’ve bought and loved (Amazon links ideal)?

I’m concerned about the rubber “riser” on the bottom of the laptop not sitting nicely on the stand “arms” (ie sitting half off). Would anyone be so kind as to measure the distance from the edge of the long rubber riser, to the very edge of the laptop?

I think this is the measurement you’re looking for? From the back of the laptop to the very front it’s 228mm. The stand you’re looking at measures 240mm, so the entire Framework laptop will fit on it, feet and all.

Sideways, edge to edge, 296mm. Front pad edge to front pad edge sideways, 254mm. The back pad is 220mm wide. The stand is 260mm wide, so it definitely looks like the front feet will sit on the stand nicely. However it depends how wide the stand “bars” are for the back pad. They will have to be at least 40mm wide or else the back pad will fall between them.

Thank you Fraoch, that is super-helpful. I think you’re correct, I can see that this should fit nicely. Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Phillip_Elvey, I agree with @Fraoch. I suggest you ask the manufaturer what is the distance between the rubber pads in the two arms of the table. If it is less than 220mm, then rubber will sit on rubber. Otherwise, it won’t. It’s a shame that they show a lot of measurements but not that one.

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