Difference between left USB and right USB?

I have a framework mainboard with 11th gen intel in a cooler master case. I don’t have any expansion cards yet (they are still on their way to me). I have a USB C hub which has hdmi out, 2 usb A, USB C Power Delivery (100W connected) and a USB C port. When i plug this hub to the right USB port, Windows reports that the USB C display is limited, when i plug it to the left port, it doesn’t have this error. Even with the error, i’ve not noticed any display issues/degradations… so i was wondering why the ports on different sides are behaving differently… any ideas why this is happening?


Spec-wise, there shouldn’t be any difference between any of the ports on 11th gen. What BIOS version are you on?

I believe I’m at 3.17. This thread documented my journey https://community.frame.work/t/bios-update-help-11th-gen-intel-to-3-17/34186/6