Different keyboard colors/fonts

Am I the only one who wants navy-blue/dark gray/brown/dark green key caps with some vibrant color for accents?
In terms of font, the framework keyboard is the most beautiful one imo, so idk what id change there, maybe center the letters, idk. I’d still love to replace the windows key with a custom glyph, tho

Also, are frameworks keycaps using some sort of standardized mechanism to attach to the keyboard? Cause if they do, I could use some other laptop’s keyboard from ebay to make a custom keyboard for my framework, and that would be rly cool

Is there some sort of 3d printing service where I could order something as intricate as keycaps? And are there publicly available CADs of the framework keycaps?

I’m curious to hear if any of you have any keycap wishes, if there’s enough interest maybe i could make a little keycap business, idk


if we bring the mk community on this project we could get something great!


Seconded. I’d be willing to give up the keyboard illumination for more varied keyboard colors. A white board with orange characters would go very well with the orange bezel, but green characters on the same white would look nice as well.

Just as info, the Framework uses a one-piece part called the Keyboard on the marketplace, so it’s not really ‘keycap’-based like a mechanical keyboard is.

If a layout stencil could be made in Inkscape or similar with the correct layout of the keyboard, we could customize the keyboards ourselves by just painting the part, modifying the stencil, printing it on dye sublimation paper, and applying it, but I don’t have the expertise to make a file like that to exact measurements.

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Whoever can invent nanocrystals for paint, that can change colour on demand will be rich.

Science | AAAS.

Application for roof tiles (climate related), cars, walls…etc.

I know, yea cuz its a membrane keyboard, buuuuut i’ve seen videos of people successfully removing keycaps on their framework, and moving them around, for example to make a colemak layout, so it is possible, even if it’s very delicate

Well this is very interesting! I found a gif of someone removing a Framework keycap, and after some experimentation I definitely think home customization is possible. My OCD would have no end of trouble if I did the dye sublimation on each key at a slightly different angle, so I still think a stencil for the whole keyboard (after it’s been taken out of the input cover of course) will be the best path of action.

I’ve pretty consistently seen three requests for new Framework options;

  • AMD processor
  • Bigger size
  • More keyboard options

If someone were to find a way to allow for customizable keyboards, that would be a big win (ideally not just keycaps, but number/placement of keys, touchpad size, etc.) I’ve been checking back every month or two exclusively to see if they’ve put that on the roadmap.

Now that there’s the new chromebook keyboard, it would also be cool if Framework released a mix of the 2 keyboards: The general layout & function keys of the normal ones & the characters/font of the chromebook one