Dimensions of the eDP cable

Hi! Is there any technical drawing of the eDP cable (Framework | eDP Cable)? I am building a custom enclosure and I want to check if the mainboard is close enough to the LCD panel.

not quite the answer you want but you can work backwards to guesstimate

the connector the the screen is an 20455-040E-76 if you look at the datasheet its about
7.55 + (0.5* pin count)mm or 27.55mm

looking at frameworks marketplace page for the edp cable and using the IPEX connector as a ruler, in paint, I can add 6 and 1/5th ish IPEX connectors, 27.5 * 6.2 about 170.81mm, multiply by the “eyeball’n coefficient” which is about 5% and round half up, 170.81*0.95 = 162.2695, or about 162mm

I think at least…, I also did the same math for the wrong connector and got 124mm

here’s my proof of work

@runoono Thank you so much! Incredible work :smiley: