Dimensions of the keyboard?

Hello, I would like to get the dimensions of the keyboard. Not just the LxWxH of the entire module, but of the key positions too. Is this information available?

This is for making custom key stickers. Thanks.

So which keyboard 13" or 16"
Which language etc.

Have your any of these?

So you don’t have a Framework laptop you can measure. ??


Just measured the common character which unsurprisingly are square and 1.5cm

So what keyboard are you going to start with, plain black or transparent?

I don’t want key sizes only. I would like key positions, for all the keys. This would be an undertaking that I assume has already been done (somebody has to build the keyboards, after all) so I’d rather not reinvent the wheel.

I have a Framework 16. I was hoping to have the precision of some sort of engineering drawing, rather than pulling out a ruler.

I have a transparent keyboard but I would suppose they’re all exactly the same size. It’s only the size I want, not the type or layout… I need all the dimensions, of how big the Control and Space keys are, regular characters, their xy positioning, etc. I imagine that engineering drawings have positions for each key. I could measure the distance between keys, the key sizes, etc, but I think a template that’s actually published by the company would be superior and lower the odds of a mistake.

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