Disable chassis intrusion blinking

Turns out I thought I was on the latest bios. Nope. sorry… But now I can’t update the bios without a battery?

@Andy_Clemenko That does seem like an oversight. @nrp @TheTwistgibber?

I found the work around. NOT IDEAL.

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@Andy_Clemenko details please in case someone else stumbles on this thread looking for answers? But yes, this doesn’t seem to be a terribly good UX.

Not an oversight as we mentioned that the BIOS had to be updated in order to utilize a “no battery” setup.


@TheTwistgibber Ah thank you, so if there was a battery present, he could update and then future updates would not require a battery?



The work around is to extract the platform.ini from the exe, modify it and then add it to the boot device.

I believe we also have an updater improvement in development that allows for an update process without a battery. Part of the challenge in this is being able to update the PD controller firmware, which can’t be done if the PD controller is actively handling keeping the board powered. Instead, we have to update in sequence, switching the plug to the opposite side of the board partway though.


Thank you FW team for chiming in here!

Here’s a thought - is the intrusion detection a mechanical switch ? Normally open or normally closed. Seems a bit of wire and a soldering iron would resolve the issue without messy looking tape.


soldering on the motherboard is not ideal. :smiley:
The bios updates worked.

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Mate, the 11th gen’s 3.17 BIOS is now out of Beta status:

i.e. Maybe you can now consider the 3.17 BIOS update.

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