Disappointed to start

After a several day shipping delay, received the Batch 14 Framework Laptop 16 DIY Edition (AMD Ryzen™ 7040 Series) Ryzen™ 9 7940HS. Go to build it with secondary SSD, installs fine. Go to install primary SSD, screw head snaps off. So that is awesome.

I’m sorry to hear that Ivan. Please contact our support team so they can assist you with the replacement.

That’s annoying indeed, but it should be possible to fix the ssd to its intended place with a bit of duct tape temporarily and use the laptop until you get a solution for this, as the midplate will hold the primary SSD in place anyway.

Same here. Maybe instead of spending money on useless ugly “swag” to feed the landfills, they should have spent it on decent screws. Would have been more environmentally friendly.

Just curious, did Framework change the design and no longer include replacement screws above the mainboard @Destroya ? Sound like that would be easier, assuming the screw didn’t break off in the mount point

I don’t think we have changed anything. I think some customers have broken screws but some customers are describing that the whole (where the screw goes in) is damaged. Support team reviews the request case by case basis and helps with the part replacement.

Curious to see how this was resolved, as the same just happened to me (have submitted request for support).


I’m curious. So you had a problem with the main SSD holder screw? Was it in the hole when you got it, i.e. not in a bag of screws; implying it was iserted without a problem but I suppose with very little torque.

I wonder what the recommended torque is and how many people would measure that ?


Could you help with that? Are there spare screws on the main board as there are for the 13"

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Yes, the main SSD screw. It was in there to begin with, I unscrewed it without issues, inserted the SSD, started screwing it back in (very gently I may add) and the top just snapped off the bottom. Bottom is stuck in the hole, with no way to get it out. Exactly as pictured by someone else in this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/framework/comments/1cta0xe/just_received_fw16_and_tiny_ssd_screw_broke/

Even if I did manage to get it out, there are no spare screws as far as I can tell.

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Hopefully there is a small bit of the tread accessible with tweezers or else dig into the remaining thread with a point like a compass point at and angle and then try turning with a bit of sideways force.

The screw sizes are mentioned, so maybe an alternative screw, not with a torx head, may do.


All the best

Completely inaccessible unfortunately. How stupid would it be to use a tiny piece of duct tape so I can complete setting up the laptop and put it away somewhere till customer support gets back to me? I have small children coming home in an hour and can’t just leave all these parts around the kitchen…

With children coming, a bit of tape must be an option, unless it’s quicker just to put it away till later.

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With such ‘delicate’ screws, as they appear to be, is there any recommendation.

To large a handle on the screwdriver, maybe lubricate so there is less friction a) in the threaded hole and b) on the SSD where the screw head will friction.

There’s not much metal under the torx head. Imagine what some .02mm ???

There’s also

The torque issue is querysome