Display changing brightness issue

I’ve noticed that when my laptop gets a tiny bit of direct sunlight (specifically in my case in a moving car for the past few hours) , the screen adjusts/changes it’s brightness. This is great and all, except it makes the screen quite a bit blown out. The light/white objects on screen can be a bit hard to make out.

I disabled automatic brightness changing in windows 10, but that doesn’t seem to change the screen’s behavior? I’ve identified the brightness sensor as the small light grey hole next to the camera (as when I cover it the screen goes back to normal)

Any suggestions?


Annoyingly, Intel has a setting called “Local Adaptive Contrast Enhancement” that they enable by default in their driver. You can open the Intel Graphics Command Center, click in the display tab, and then turn it off:


That fixed it, Thank you!

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Does anyone know how to access the Intel graphics settings from Ubuntu? I had already replaced windows 10 with ubuntu when I noticed this issue.

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@Anna_Ordog does turning off “Automatic Brightness” in Settings > Power fix it?


@jeshikat Aha! Yes, it does! Thanks.

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Thank you so much @jeshikat! My screen was practically flickering every time the ambient light level changed slightly, and this fixed it!

You make my day @nrp thank you !

Really just wanted to come in here and say thanks @nrp this was tripping me up and I couldn’t figure it out. Some of Intel’s display decisions just confuse me, such as the contrast adjustment to save battery life, which makes bright sections slowly dim and stuff.

I also noticed when looking for a similar issue that the display changes the brightness that there is another option in the intel graphic control center for toggling adaptive brightness.

Can’t wait for the AMD mainboard.

Thank you so much for the fix!